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The Bose Ride system gives truck drivers unprecedented protection from road-induced shocks and vibration The Bose Ride system

Truck drivers experience some of the harshest work conditions and longest hours of any profession. Every time they get behind the wheel—even in the best trucks—they're exposed to a potentially damaging level of shaking. This can have severe consequences and implications for both drivers and the trucking industry. The Bose Ride system was designed to remove much of this shaking. What you should know »

Leveraging decades of research in suspension systems, the Bose Ride system is the next-generation in suspension technology with its ability to counteract unwanted vibration from the road. It replaces a traditional truck seat and protects drivers from the shaking they've come to expect in a heavy-duty truck.

The Bose Ride system reduces the level of vibration that reaches drivers by up to 90%—resulting in a low level of shaking typical of a passenger car. Drivers using the Bose Ride system tell us they experience less back pain and muscle aches, and can be more productive during their work day and recover faster when they're at home. How it works »

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Road-induced vibration can cause damage to more than your truck.

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