What makes
the Bose difference?

The challenge of accurate music reproduction

The singular mission at the heart of Bose is to reproduce music as true to the original performance as possible. That involves research, technology and a strong commitment to excellence.

The research to better understand what makes live music so magical began in world-class concert halls over 45 years ago. We have become experts in how the acoustic space influences what we hear—and in psychoacoustics, the science of how humans perceive sound. This is especially important in an automobile.

Innovative results begin with an innovative approach

We've learned that every vehicle influences sound quality differently because each has a unique acoustic fingerprint. So our circuits are customized. We design our own digital signal processing. Our speakers are smaller and lighter, without compromising performance. We even invent new testing and manufacturing techniques. The result is much more than sound designed for a car. The vehicle itself becomes part of the sound system.

Superior performance requires research beyond pure acoustics

Some vehicles are equipped with our AudioPilot® noise compensation technology. It "listens" for unwanted sounds that can adversely affect the listening environment, such as changing road surface, traffic or an open sunroof. Then it continuously adjusts the music to maintain its quality. And it all happens automatically.

Everything is important, even glue. The weight of all moving parts for one of our speaker designs could not exceed one gram, roughly the same as a single paper clip. That meant an exceptionally light bead of glue, impossible with even the most advanced adhesives technology. So we invented our own equipment to dispense six times less glue, with far greater precision, than was previously possible.

We even fund our innovations differently. Bose is a privately held corporation. This provides greater opportunity for ongoing research and innovation.

Hear the difference Bose technology makes

The Bose logo represents our commitment to a better listening experience, and that means a better driving experience. So look for it in your next car, truck or SUV, because the automaker who really cares about every detail of your driving experience knows we care about every detail of your listening experience.