Do you have questions about Bose® automotive sound systems? Check the answers to these frequently asked questions or contact automotive for more information.

  1. Expand/Contract How can I be sure my car's sound system is from Bose?

    The best way is to look for the logo. You can find it in every car with one of our sound systems, though it isn't always obvious. To find it in current car models, refer to our model directory. For previous models, look at the speakers in the front and rear doors, the speakers in the rear shelf, the front of the radio and in the radio's electronic display panel when you first turn on the system. If you can't find our logo in any of these places, your car almost certainly doesn't have a Bose sound system. If you're still in doubt, contact automotive for more information.

  2. Expand/Contract Can I buy the parts to add a Bose sound system to my car?

    a. If my car's manufacturer doesn't offer a Bose system as an option?
    b. If my car's manufacturer offers a Bose system as an option, but I didn't get it when I bought the car?
    No, in both cases. Bose does not offer audio systems or parts for aftermarket sale in the US because we would be unable to assure the high level of audio performance for which we are recognized. Each of our automotive sound systems is engineered as part of the car itself and installed on the car manufacturer's assembly line. The system's elements become part of the automobile. And, most importantly, special acoustic checks and balances are performed to ensure that the sound quality meets our standards. This level of custom engineering is not possible with aftermarket parts.

  3. Expand/Contract Can I get a list of technical specifications?

    No, because our custom-engineered, complete system solutions largely supersede conventional audio measurements. Even some basic building blocks have been redefined—including amplifiers, speakers and equalizers. But most importantly, our integrated systems deliver results significantly different from those of conventional systems with individual, unmatched components. With a Bose automotive sound system, the location and design of the speakers can be much more important factors in determining output than a wattage power rating. The bottom line? The best way to test a Bose system's sound quality is to use your ears, not a list of specifications.

  4. Expand/Contract Shouldn't I be hearing better radio reception?

    Not necessarily. What you're hearing is a limitation in FM broadcast technology, rather than something broken inside your car. As you've undoubtedly noticed, FM signals become weaker and stronger as you drive. They're also subject to interference, particularly in urban environments. Currently, there's just no way to give an FM broadcast the sound quality of a CD.

  5. Expand/Contract Why doesn't my Bose sound system have lots of controls?

    Because we engineer our systems with the technology on the inside, not on the outside. For example, you might notice the absence of a graphic equalizer. But inside the system, our Bose proprietary technology applies a separate EQ curve to each individual speaker. You enjoy clearer, more natural sound, at a far greater resolution than is possible with most graphic equalizers. And you're free from having to make the many adjustments required for high-fidelity sound yourself.

  6. Expand/Contract Can I change my Bose sound system?

    a. Can I add a CD player or changer?
    Yes, in most cases. When Bose works with a car company to design a sound system, we almost always include provisions for adding CD capability. To learn which CD players or changers will work best, contact your vehicle dealer. If you're not sure whether your car has the option of adding a CD player or changer, contact automotive for more information.
    b. Can I add a new radio?
    No. Each Bose automotive sound system is completely integrated, with the elements custom-engineered to work together as a whole. That's why the music sounds so rich and lifelike. To help achieve this sound quality, special circuits are built into the system, including the radio. If you install a new radio, you lose these circuits. This can result in decreased sound quality, incorrect bass and treble balance, distortion at high volumes, loss of bass at low volumes and in some cases, no audio output at all. In addition, changing the display, which is also known as a headunit, will void the warranty on your Bose sound system.
    c. Can I add a subwoofer?
    No. As noted above, each Bose automotive sound system is completely integrated, with the elements custom-engineered to work together as a whole. If you add a subwoofer to the system, its output is unlikely to be proportionate with that of speakers already in place. In most cases, adding a subwoofer will detract from—not enhance—the sound quality.

  7. Expand/Contract Can Bose help me get service on my car's sound system?

    Yes. For any questions about service, replacement parts or warranty information for your vehicle's Bose sound system, give us a call or send us an email.

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