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The Bose Ride system gives truck drivers unprecedented protection from road-induced shocks and vibration The Bose Ride system
"It's the little [bumps] that hit you all day long, I think, that affect you at the end of the day—and that's what the [Bose] seat takes away." - E.G., over-the-road driver

Decades of dedicated research has led to our advanced seating suspension technology that counteracts up to 90% of vibration from the road. This dramatically reduces the high levels of shaking drivers experience in their trucks, even with the best conventional air-ride seats. Drivers tell us they’re able to do more—drive more miles, accept more loads and recover faster at home—when driving with the Bose Ride system.

How can reducing vibration help drivers?

Better health

Research tells us that the longer the exposure to and higher the level of shaking, the greater the chance of suffering a back injury. Truck drivers are constantly exposed to significant levels of vibration in the cab. Industry research has found that more than one-third of truck drivers report backache as their most pressing health concern.

Better performance

Exposure to shaking can cause movement of components of the eye and images on the retina. When this degrades the ability to see clearly, it can lead to an increase in reaction time. On the road, even a small delay in reacting to an emergency situation can have serious consequences.

Better comfort

Research tells us that exposure to shaking contributes to muscle fatigue, often accompanied by back and neck pain, and headaches after driving. This discomfort impacts the driver not only in the truck, but also at home. Drivers tell us they need less recovery time between runs when driving with the Bose Ride system.

Tests were performed on three types of roads typically used by long haul trucks—highway, local roads and an industrial park. The results are shown in the graph below:

Estimated Vibration Dose Value (eVDV)

Driver testing: The true litmus test

"The best part is how you feel at the end of the day." - Owner/operator, 20 years experience

We asked 77 professional drivers to test the Bose Ride system on their normal runs. These drivers reported elimination or reduction of back and body pain, less fatigue, more restful sleep, faster physical recovery between runs and more quality time with family. Specifically:

  • 84% reported improved comfort benefits
  • 75% reported having less soreness and stiffness
  • 66% reported decreased driving fatigue

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