Fleet value

The Bose Ride system gives truck drivers unprecedented protection from road-induced shocks and vibration The Bose Ride system
"If you offered me a new truck with a 13-speed transmission or a three- or four-year-old truck with the Bose [Ride], give me the Bose [Ride]." - Fleet driver, 38 years experience

Strong words from a seasoned road veteran. And they speak directly to three challenges facing fleets today: retaining top drivers, keeping drivers healthy and conquering rough roads.

The overriding issue: each of these obstacles negatively impacts a fleet's bottom line. And they aren't going away anytime soon.

But the Bose Ride system can help overcome them. Many fleets are already realizing the benefits of deploying the Bose Ride system. See these case studies for real-life details.

Fleet competitive advantage

Learn how fleets are attracting and retaining drivers with the benefits of the Bose Ride system.

Retaining top drivers

It's not just about a paycheck. Holding on to responsible,
reliable drivers demands an incentive that delivers a
better quality of life.

Keeping drivers healthy

Fact: Over-the-road drivers take a daily beating behind
the wheel. See how one fleet uses the Bose Ride system
to keep them healthy.

Conquering rough roads

Rough, poorly maintained roads are almost impossible to
avoid. The Bose Ride system offers drivers unprecedented
protection against their harmful effects.

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