How it works

"I drove nine and a half hours and I didn't realize it...I didn't realize it because my body wasn't hurting. I wasn't beat up. I felt good driving." - Team Driver, 37 years experience

The Bose Ride system gives over-the-road drivers a whole new level of protection from whole-body vibration. It includes a number of Bose® proprietary technologies and components that deliver an unprecedented level of ride quality.

Bose technology at work inside the Bose Ride system

Our technology

The Bose Ride system improves ride quality by intelligently responding to changing conditions. It continuously senses, analyzes and counteracts forces from the road instead of just damping them. Bose has brought decades of innovation in control systems, power amplification and precise motion control to the Bose Ride system's design.

  1. Sensors detect unwanted motion
    Precision sensors can detect motion thousands of times a second to within one hundredth of an inch.
  2. Computer calculates optimal response
    Rugged, road-ready computer uses proprietary Bose® algorithms developed from over 25 years of research.
  3. Regenerative amplifier delivers power to actuator
    Delivers 3500 watts of power while drawing an average of 50 watts (less than a light bulb) from the truck's battery.
  4. Pneumatic system correctly positions driver
    Intelligent system correctly positions both large and small drivers and allows the system to perform as an air ride system if there is a power loss.
  5. Proprietary linear actuator counteracts bumps
    Powerful enough to handle a 350 pound driver and fast enough to counteract bumps, even at highway speeds, before the driver feels them.

System performance and reliability

Bose is no stranger to industries that demand reliability in hostile environments. We design and develop products for the military and aviation industries. The same degree of rigorous testing Bose performs on these products has been applied to the development and manufacture of the Bose Ride system.

In order to meet the demanding conditions in a heavy duty truck, the Bose Ride system has undergone years of extensive testing both in a lab and on the road. The result is an advanced design that can deliver a quality ride, mile after mile, year after year.

Bose has invested in more than 25 years of research in vehicle suspension systems. Applying this learning to the trucking industry began nearly 10 years ago, resulting in the Bose Ride system.

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