Dramatically reduce driver fatigue and pain

The Bose Ride system

The Bose Ride® system

Strengthen your driver workforce with seat suspension technology only from Bose. Studies show almost half of truck drivers suffer from daily fatigue and pain levels serious enough to interfere with their work. By dramatically improving ride quality, the Bose Ride system eliminates this problem for nearly all of those drivers. As a result, drivers, when asked by Bose, reported that they:

  • Feel safer
  • Recover faster
  • Expect longer driving careers

Learn more about the multi-fleet study at BoseRide.com/study.

The Bose Ride system is engineered to operate for a million maintenance-free miles, and is proven in fleet deployments across North America. Learn more »

Fleet competitive advantage

Hear why fleets attract and retain drivers with the Bose Ride system.

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