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The Bose Ride system gives truck drivers unprecedented protection from road-induced shocks and vibration The Bose Ride system
"You're still a part of the truck. But with the conventional seat, you're feeling it. With this new Bose Ride, you're fluid. You flow through it." - Fleet driver, 23 years experience

Driving a truck designed to haul 80,000 pounds 10 to 11 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week takes a serious toll on any driver. Conventional truck and seat suspension systems cannot adequately counteract the huge forces generated by these loads. As a result, truck drivers are exposed to excessive levels of bouncing, jarring and shaking—a condition researchers call whole-body vibration. And, research shows that these levels can have severe consequences.

Even in the best riding trucks, drivers are often exposed to levels of whole-body vibration far exceeding those of passenger cars, levels that can reach the international standards organization's health caution zone. Often the driver may not even be aware it's happening, as even on relatively smooth roads the bouncing can add up to harmful effects.

Drivers frequently suffer from back pain, spinal degradation, soreness and fatigue, not only while driving but during their off time as well. And they typically accept these conditions as normal.

Many drivers don't recognize the negative impact constant shaking can have on their bodies until they experience something different.

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