Military Application

To help worldwide military personnel cope with exceedingly high noise levels generated by engines and during travel in armored vehicles, Bose has developed these active noise reduction military headsets:

  • Combat Vehicle Crewman Headset
  • T5 Tactical Headset
  • TriPort® Tactical Headset Series 2
  • A20® Aviation Headset

Noise reduction + Clearer audio =
Increased mission effectiveness.

Tested for effectiveness by the US military, the technology of Bose acoustic noise cancelling headsets:

  • Improves mission success
  • Improves intelligibility
  • Increases permissible exposure time in noisy armored vehicles
  • Can reduce stress and fatigue

We encourage you to experience the difference Bose technology makes in high-noise vehicle environments. Not only does it deliver improved speech intelligibility, but it does so in a far more comfortable way than traditional, passive noise-reduction headsets.

For a demonstration of our headsets, click here for our tradeshow schedule.

If you have questions or wish to arrange an evaluation, please contact Bose for further information on the Combat Vehicle Crewman Headset, T5 Tactical Headset, TriPort Tactical Headset Series 2 and the A20 Aviation Headset.