Bose® Solo TV sound system
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Hear what you’ve been missing on TV
Love watching TV? Well, it’s about to get dramatically better. The Bose Solo TV sound system reveals much more of the depth and detail you’re meant to hear in your favorite programs. The kind of sound most flat panel TVs simply cannot reproduce from their internal speakers. And with just one speaker and one connection, it couldn’t be easier.

All the sound you hear is made possible by advanced Bose speaker array technology. It reproduces a wide range of sound evenly throughout the room from a compact enclosure. Proprietary digital signal processing adjusts and optimizes that sound at any volume level.

Enjoy the crisp, clear dialogue and subtle sound effects you’ve likely never noticed before. And transform your everyday TV experience.

Bose Solo TV sound system
Wide, even sound throughout the room from Bose speaker array technology
More effects, music and dialogue, clearly and naturally, with proprietary digital signal processing
Single speaker fits neatly under most 37” HDTVs and many up to 42”, no additional equipment needed
Extremely easy setup, with one connection to your TV and one plug to the wall
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Bose speaker array technology

Bose® speaker array technology reproduces a wide range of room-filling sound from a compact enclosure

Remote control

Remote control offers power, volume and mute functionality to easily control system without any programming.

Proprietary digital signal processing optimizes sound quality to reveal more dialogue, sound effects and music, clearly and naturally, at any volume level.

Integrated design allows for easy setup and use, with no other equipment—such as a receiver—to buy or connect.

Analog and digital inputs provides simple, one-cable connection to audio output on a variety of TVs.

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