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L1® Compact microphone accessory pack

Recommended for vocalists and public speakers requiring a high-performance microphone for use with an L1 Compact system. Features the Audix® OM3 dynamic microphone and CBL-20 cable—designed, assembled and tested by Audix. The OM3 is known for clear and accurate sound reproduction, resistance to feedback and the ability to handle very high sound pressure levels without distortion.

The accessory pack also includes 3.5 mm and RCA cables for connecting MP3 players and other audio sources to an L1 Compact system.

Key features

  • Audix OM3 dynamic microphone with clip and pouch
  • Audix CBL-20 performance microphone cable (20')
  • Stereo RCA cable (6')
  • Mini stereo cable with 3.5 mm male connectors (6')

Compatible products

  • L1® Compact system