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Wave® connect kit

Hear your favorite tunes, podcasts and streaming radio as never before. This kit has just what you need to play your iPod/iPhone through an Acoustic Wave® music system II, a Wave® music system III or Wave® radio III. Connect kit is compatible with most iPod/iPhone models and includes a dock that charges your iPod/iPhone. You can move through playlist songs with your Wave® remote.

Key features

  • Easily play your iPod/iPhone through a Wave® system
  • iPod/iPhone charges while docked
  • Music shuts off automatically when a different audio source is selected on remote

Kit contents

  • Bose® dock/charger with adapter insert
  • RCA and mini audio cables
  • One-piece, easy-to-connect power cord
  • Illustrated owner's guide

(iPod not included)

Compatible products

  • Acoustic Wave® music system II bought from October 2012 to present
  • Wave® music system III
  • Wave® radio III
  • Wave® music system
  • Wave® radio II