Wi-Fi® music systems

Stream music wirelessly throughout your home.

Millions of tunes. Thousands of stations. At your fingertips.

All that Internet music. All your iTunes® playlists. There's a lot of music in your life. Now there's a way to enjoy it without jumping through hoops.

SoundTouch™. It's a family of Bose® products designed to stream music wirelessly throughout your home. Designed to make your music instantly accessible. All you need is home Wi-Fi and you're good to go.

Deezer Pandora Spotify iHeart Internet Radio

We're talking about 35 million songs. 20 thousand radio stations. Music services like Deezer, Spotify®, iHeartRadio® and Pandora®. (Music services may vary by region.) The choices are vast, but SoundTouch™ puts the focus on your favorites so they're always ready to play.

Six presets keep those favorites at your fingertips. And finding new favorites is easy with the powerful SoundTouch™ app. It gives you unprecedented control over the music you want, now. And if you want to fill your entire home with music, SoundTouch™ systems can do that, too.

SoundTouch™. As revolutionary as the way we get our music today.

Easy setup

SoundTouch™ works over your existing Wi-Fi—there's nothing else to buy. Setup is quick and easy on your smartphone or tablet. So simple, a grownup can do it.

Powerful control

Explore music, personalize presets and control it all from the SoundTouch™ app »

Find music

The app brings order to your world of music. Use it to access music services like Deezer™ and Spotify®, Internet radio stations from around the world, and songs and playlists from your own stored music library.

Set presets

Use the app to set your presets. It lets you browse music from the Internet or your own music files and drag-and-drop each selection to your chosen preset. Simple.

Set presets

You can also set a preset on the fly, just like on your car stereo. When music is playing, simply press and hold a preset button on the system itself or on the remote control. This preset is now assigned to the station or playlist you're listening to.

Multi-room control

The app can also be your control center for music in more than one room. With multiple SoundTouch™ systems throughout your house—even outdoors—you can stream different music in different rooms, play the same music in every room or create customized zones.

Effortless access. Straightforward streaming.

SoundTouch™ presets keep your go-to music always on standby. Playing a customized station is as easy as flipping on the lights. Really. You can set your favorite Pandora station, for instance, to a preset. A workout playlist to another. Your dinnertime iTunes mix to another. And so on.

So, once your presets are assigned, instead of all this:

  1. Reach for your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  2. Open up a music app
  3. Scroll to find the station you want

You do this:

  1. Press one button

One and done.

Everything about SoundTouch™ is designed to simplify listening to today's new music sources, right down to the OLED display that provides source and playlist/station info. No need to peek at your smartphone or tablet.

And when this long-awaited simplicity becomes routine, you'll enjoy the lasting benefit of big, rich sound—from our smallest stand-alone systems to living-room-sized home theater.

35 million songs. 20,000
radio stations. All your MP3s.

Quickly find music with the SoundTouch™ app, whether exploring services, local and global radio, or your MP3 library. And as the world of streaming music evolves, we'll continue to add new services.

Multi-room music. Listen throughout your home.

Because SoundTouch™ works wirelessly, music in every room is now instantly achievable. Mix and match SoundTouch™ systems for customized multi-room listening. Hear the same music everywhere, or different music in different rooms. Your choice.