Enjoy your streaming music with deep, rich sound

Imagine listening to all the music you love just by touching a button. Now you can, with the SoundTouch™ Stereo system. It delivers deep, rich sound and crisp, clear vocals from two sleek, redesigned Jewel Cube® Series II speakers and a hideaway Acoutimass® module. SoundTouch™ uses your home Wi-Fi network to wirelessly stream Internet radio, your music library and popular music services like Deezer, Pandora®, Spotify® and iHeartRadio. And the SoundTouch™ controller brings all your music to life with one-touch ease.

  • Expansive performance from two Jewel Cube Series II speakers and a powered Acoustimass module

  • Wireless access via your home Wi-Fi network for Internet radio, music services like Deezer and Spotify®, and your music library

  • Premium remote control lets you use presets, control volume, skip, pause and power on/off with the touch of a button

  • Sound customized to your room with ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system

  • Add more SoundTouch™ systems for a multi-room listening experience. Stream different music in different rooms, play the same music in every room or create customized zones

Small size, big performance

Appearances can be deceiving. The Jewel Cube Series II speakers are small. But with precisely angled transducers inside the speaker, you’ll enjoy open, spacious sound you wouldn’t expect from speakers of this size. Plus, they’ve been redesigned with a slimmer profile and can be mounted flush to the wall with an optional bracket.

Deep notes you can feel

To experience much of the impact of a live performance at home, you need to hear the full audio range, from highs to lows. The Acoustimass module delivers the rumble of the lowest frequencies, even at the loudest volume, with no audible distortion. So go ahead and feel the beat of your music.

Sound customized for your room

The SoundTouch™ Stereo system features the ADAPTiQ system. It analyzes the specific size, shape, objects, textures and other elements that can affect the sound you hear, then adjusts the system to the unique acoustical properties of your room. The result? A clear, consistent performance every time you listen.

Welcome to the world of streaming music

Not just another speaker

SoundTouch™ is an entirely new way to stream music wirelessly around your home, easier than ever before. SoundTouch™ systems connect directly to your favorite Internet stations and streaming music sources like Deezer, Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio, putting them right at your fingertips. Wi-Fi streaming is fast becoming the new listening standard. We’ve made it easier and more rewarding for you to enjoy.

All your music. At your fingertips.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the SoundTouch™ app, the SoundTouch™ controller gives you immediate access to your music, so you don’t need to use your smartphone, tablet or computer. The OLED display shows you what playlist or station you’re listening to on your preset. You can also preview the playlist on your other SoundTouch™ presets. For added convenience, you can set up a wall-mounted cradle to store the controller.

Powerful SoundTouch™ app

The SoundTouch™ app makes it easy to explore new music and organize what you have. Use it to set up the system on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Then the fun begins. You can drag and drop any music source—a favorite album on Spotify®, an iTunes® playlist, an Internet radio station—to your six presets. Now they're just a touch away. But when you want to venture beyond your presets, use the app to find more music. Browse the online musical universe or files from your own music library. You can also use the app to manage multiple systems in different rooms.

Built for multi-room audio

If you truly love music, you want it to flow through your home. That’s why there’s a SoundTouch™ system for every room—from small and portable speakers to outdoor systems and home theater. Start with any one SoundTouch™ system, and keep adding them whenever you’d like. These systems work together to create a multi-room listening experience, so you can play the same music everywhere or listen to different music in different rooms—even on the patio.



Jewel Cube Series II speakers

  • Height: 6.2 in (15.83 cm)
  • Width: 2.6 in (6.52 cm)
  • Depth: 2.6 in (6.52 cm)
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs (0.48 kg)

Acoustimass module

  • Height: 13 in (33 cm)
  • Width: 8 in (20.3 cm)
  • Depth: 21.7 in (55.1 cm)
  • Weight: 26.22 lbs (11.9 kg)

SoundTouch controller

  • Diameter: 4.1 in (10.5 cm)
  • Depth: 1.1 in (2.8 cm)
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs (0.23 kg)

SoundTouch wireless adapter

  • Height: 2 in (5.1 cm)
  • Width: 9.4 in (23.9 cm)
  • Depth: 2.5 in (6.4 cm)
  • Weight: 12 lbs (0.34 kg)


  • AC power
  • Ethernet port
  • USB input
View SoundTouch adapter inputs

View SoundTouch™ adapter inputs »

Additional details

SoundTouch™ Stereo system

  • Power supply rating:
    100 - 240~, 50/60Hz, 360mA
  • Includes Wi-Fi®
  • Wireless network compatibility: 802.11 b/g
  • Supported audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless

SoundTouch™ controller

  • OLED display
  • Wireless range up to 70 ft
  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth® LE
  • Battery type: 4 AA batteries
  • Battery life: 6 – 12 months

To find additional views and connection instructions, see the manuals section below.

In the box

Included items

  • Acoustimass module with rubber feet
  • 2 Jewel Cube Series II speakers with rubber feet
  • AC power cord
  • 2 speaker cables
  • SoundTouch wireless adapter
  • SoundTouch controller
  • 4 AA batteries
  • ADAPTiQ® headset
  • USB cable

Owner's information

Visit our online product support center for setup instructions and other useful information. Bose Product Support »

How is the SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi® music system different from other Acoustimass® speaker systems?

The SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi music system is a fully powered stereo speaker system that incorporates the benefits of SoundTouch™. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the free SoundTouch™ app on your computer, you can stream Internet radio, your music library and popular music services like Deezer, Pandora®, Spotify® and iHeartRadio® wirelessly through your home Wi-Fi network.

Does the SoundTouch™ wireless adapter work with the legacy Lifestyle® Homewide powered speaker systems?

No. While the SoundTouch™ adapter plugs into the Bose® link port on the Acoustimass® module to enable SoundTouch™, internal hardware and software changes were made to the module to power and operate the SoundTouch™ adapter. So, the SoundTouch™ adapter cannot be used with the legacy Lifestyle® Homewide powered speaker systems to enable SoundTouch™ capability.

How do I control the SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi music system music system?

You can use the SoundTouch™ controller, included with the system, the SoundTouch™ app on your computer, or the app for your smartphone or tablet. For iOS users, download the SoundTouch™ controller app from the App store. Android™ users can download the SoundTouch™ controller app from the Google Play™ store.

Does the SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi music system have a local source (Aux input)?

No. The RCA jacks are for the ADAPTiQ® headset connection only.

How do I set up the ADAPTiQ audio calibration system?

Press the ADAPTiQ button on the Acoustimass module. Plug in the included headset, put it on and follow the voice prompts.

Do I need to connect the SoundTouch™ controller to my Wi-Fi network?

No. The SoundTouch™ controller does not connect to a Wi-Fi network. Instead, it connects directly to a SoundTouch™ system using Bluetooth® low energy technology.

Can I control multiple systems with one SoundTouch™ controller?

No. The SoundTouch™ controller is designed to control one SoundTouch™ system at a time.

Can I use the SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi music system to play audio from my TV?

No, TV connection is not possible.

What is the range of the controller?

Approximately 70 feet from the paired system in wood-construction homes. In concrete, stucco or brick homes, the range will likely be less and may vary. The number of other active wireless devices in the house may affect range as well. You can also use the controller outdoors, but you shouldn’t leave it exposed to the elements or mount it outside of your home.

Can I mount the SoundTouch™ controller to a wall?

Yes, anywhere indoors with the included wall-mount bracket. The SoundTouch™ controller magnetically attaches to the wall mount so you can easily take it when you need it. The magnet is in the wall-mount—not the controller—so for example, you cannot attach the controller to a refrigerator.

How is the SoundTouch™ controller powered?

Four standard AA batteries. With typical usage, they should last 6 – 12 months.

How will I know when to replace the batteries?

When the batteries get below a certain point, the controller’s OLED display will indicate that it’s time to replace them.

What operating systems are compatible with the SoundTouch™ app?

The app is compatible with Windows® XP, 7, 8; 64-bit Macs running OSX 10.6.8 and later; any iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® running iOS5 and later; Android devices running Android 4.03 and later.

Are SoundTouch™ systems Bluetooth® compatible?

No. The SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Wi-Fi music system is designed for use in and around the home on your Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth technology is best-suited for mobile on-the-go applications where close-range connections are generally preferred.

What Internet streaming music can I play?

SoundTouch™ systems let you play Internet radio stations from around the world. Where available, you also can play music services like Deezer, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

Can I play music stored on my computer?

Yes. The SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi music system can play music stored on your computer that is managed by iTunes® or Windows Media Player.

Can I stream from apps or music stored on my smartphone?

You can stream music from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the SoundTouch™ Stereo system via AirPlay®. You cannot stream music stored on an Android phone or from apps on an Android phone.

What audio formats are supported by SoundTouch™ systems?

MP3, WMA, AAC and Apple® Lossless formats are supported.

Can I stream music from multiple computers using SoundTouch™ systems?

Yes, as long as each computer has the SoundTouch™ app installed on it. Each computer appears as a separate library on the app's source list.

Stands and brackets

UB-20 Series II wall/ceiling bracket

High quality cast zinc bracket, designed to provide unobtrusive wall mounting for Bose® cube speakers. These brackets allow both horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers, so you can direct the sound where you like. Sold as a single bracket.

Compatible with:

  • All Bose® 2-speaker and 5-speaker home entertainment systems

View more details »


UFS-20 Series II universal floorstands

Slender metal stands elegantly display your speakers while hiding the speaker wires. Designed to optimize listening. Height: 38" (96.5 cm). Sold as a pair.

Compatible with:

  • All Bose® 2-speaker and 5-speaker home entertainment systems

View more details »


UTS-20 Series II universal table stands

This cast aluminum stand allows your speaker to be elegantly placed anywhere there’s a flat surface. A groove in the tubing conceals the speaker wire while providing quick and easy access. Height: 7 inches (17.8 cm). Sold as a single stand.

Compatible with:

  • All Bose® 2-speaker and 5-speaker home entertainment systems

View more details »


Bose® SlideConnect™ WB-50 wall bracket

High-quality steel bracket provides unobtrusive wall-mounting for redesigned Bose cube speakers. Brackets mount flush to the wall, allowing the speakers to reside less than 6mm off the wall. It features an integral connector to simplify the process of connecting the speakers, even with in-wall wiring. Sold as a single bracket.

Compatible with:

  • Lifestyle® 535 and 525 Series III home entertainment systems
  • CineMate® 520 home theater system
  • SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi® music system

View more details »


Remote controls

SoundTouch™ controller

Premium remote control makes accessing your streaming music as enjoyable as listening to it. Use with any one SoundTouch™ system to play a preset, pause or skip a track, control volume and power on/off. The OLED display shows you what playlist or station you’re listening to on your preset. You can also preview the music on your other SoundTouch™ presets. Controller can be placed almost anywhere or mounted to a wall. Powered by four AA batteries.

Compatible with:

  • All SoundTouch™ systems

View more details »

Color: Black


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