With Bose® RoomMatch® loudspeakers and PowerMatch® amplifiers you have the flexibility to create custom solutions from standard components, regardless of system configurations or room characteristics.

RoomMatch loudspeakers and PowerMatch amplifiers
RoomMatch asymmetrical array module loudspeakers

RoomMatch loudspeakersWith a total of 42 full-range array modules, the RoomMatch modular design allows Progressive Directivity Arrays to be optimized for almost any room size, shape or acoustics. Innovative Bose technologies combine to ensure that concert-quality sound is delivered to every seat in the venue.

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PowerMatch line of configurable
professional power amplifiers

The PowerMatch line of amplifiers provides concert sound quality that’s scalable and configurable. Four models offer channel and power options, with an unmatched combination of performance, efficiency, easy installation and reliability.

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PowerMatch amplifiers
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