Experience more with your SoundTouch speakers.

It’s never been easier to access a world of music using the Bose SoundTouch app.

Less effort. More music.

The SoundTouch app provides instant access to all your favorite music, preferred music services, Internet radio stations and podcasts on your smartphone or tablet. Just assign them to your SoundTouch presets and enjoy seamless integration of all your music in one app.

All your music. In one app.

With your SoundTouch speaker and the SoundTouch app, accessing music services like Pandora®, Spotify® Amazon Music, and many more is now easier than easy. Stream them all through the app, create playlists or discover new music – there’s millions of songs waiting for you.

Set your music service.

Designate presets for your preferred music services so you can instantly hear what you’d like.

Making a preset.

Set your presets with your favorite music to enhance your SoundTouch experience.

In the SoundTouch app, search for a song/album/playlist. Choose what you’d like from the results, then drag it into one of the 6 presets by holding the selection over that preset.

In the SoundTouch app, tap the grid on the top right when you are listening to the selected music. Drag it into one of your 6 presets.

Press and hold one of the 6 presets on your SoundTouch speaker when listening to a song, album or playlist that you like.

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