Adapting to new sounds

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When using the Bose Hearphones, you may noticed that sounds seem different. Better hearing requires getting used to new (typically higher-frequency) sounds, which can make some sounds annoying (like squeaky environment sounds, water sprays or spoken consonants [/s/, /sh/, etc.])

  • Try listening to new sounds on your own first before relying on your Hearphones for regular conversation.

Not only will sounds change around you, but you may notice the sound of your voice is different as well.
Hearing the sound of your own voice changing when using Directivity and World Volume, you will experience the desirable perception that the loud environment is quiet and that your own voice seems louder. Bose® Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ contributes to this experience. This can cause you to react by speaking more softly than appropriate.


  • You may need to speak louder than you think you should to overcome this.
  • Practice talking with a trusted partner in a familiar (low-pressure) environment, to adjust to new sounds before moving to higher-pressure social situations.


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