ADAPTiQ system setup and deactivation

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After setting up your soundbar and pairing the optional bass module or surround speakers, run ADAPTiQ audio calibration for best acoustic performance. To run an audio calibration, you need ten minutes when the room is quiet.

Running ADAPTiQ audio calibration

Put the ADAPTiQ headset on your head

Insert the ADAPTiQ headset cable into the ADAPTiQ connector on the back of the soundbar

On the remote control, press the SoundTouch button

Press and hold 8 until the TV indicator and the Bluetooth indicator on the soundbar glow green

The ADAPTiQ process begins.

Note: If you don’t hear your language, press the up or down buttons on the navigation pad to cycle through languages. To reset the language, press and hold 8 for ten seconds.

Follow the voice prompts until the ADAPTiQ process is complete

Unplug the ADAPTiQ headset from the soundbar and store it in a safe place

If you later pair the optional bass module or surround speakers, move or mount the soundbar or move any furniture, run ADAPTiQ audio calibration again to ensure optimal sound quality.

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