Adding a music library to SoundTouch

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To add a music library to your SoundTouchaccount, the library must be stored on one of the following: 

A network attached storage (NAS) drive

A computer with iTunes or Windows Media player

Only music stored in the computer’s “iTunes Music” folder (for iTunes libraries) or the “My Music” folder (for Windows Media Player libraries) will be available in the SoundTouch app.

Note: Libraries stored on a mobile device (i.e., a smartphone or tablet) cannot be added. Instead, transfer the music from your mobile device to a computer or NAS drive. You can then add a SoundTouch music library from the computer or NAS drive.

To add a music library:

Open the SoundTouch app. If the app is not yet installed, download the app to your mobile device or computer

  • For computer music libraries, open the app from the computer where the library is stored
  • For NAS drive music libraries, open the app from a computer or mobile device

In the SoundTouch app, select the Menu icon (≡) in the top left corner and then select "Add Service"
Note: On desktops and tablets, if the Menu icon (≡) is not visible, the slide out menu might already be open

Select "Music Library on Computer" if your music is stored on a computer, or select "Music Library on NAS" if your music library is stored on a NAS drive 

Note: Only one library is allowed per computer. If a library already exists for a computer from which you are trying to create a new library, select that computer's existing library and choose "REMOVE MUSIC LIBRARY" so the new library can be added.

Select the music library to add:

  • For computer music libraries, choose the type of library to be added by selecting the blue circle next to iTunes or Windows Media Player
  • For NAS drive libraries, choose the library to be added by selecting the blue circle next it. If the library is not visible, choose "REFRESH." If it still not visible, be sure the drive is powered on and connected to the same network as the device running the SoundTouch app

Enter a name for the library and select "ADD MUSIC LIBRARY"

The library will now be available in the SoundTouch app by navigating to Menu (≡) > Music Library.
Note: On desktops and tablets, if the Menu icon (≡) is not visible, the slide out menu might already be open 

Enable sharing in iTunes or Windows Media Player

If you're using an iTunes or Windows Media Player library, enable sharing of the library.

For iTunes:

  • Open iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Advanced. Be sure "Share iTunes XML with other applications" is checked
  • Open iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Sharing. Be sure "Share my library on my local network" is checked. Then, check either "Share entire library"

For Windows Media Player:

  • Open Windows Media Player > Stream. Select "Allow remote control of my player"
  • Open Windows Media Player > Stream. Select "Automatically allow devices to play my media"

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