Adding another music source

Using the AUX input

You can connect a variety of devices to your Bose speaker, even if the device doesn't have Bluetooth. These devices can plug into the 3.5 mm line input jack on the back of the speaker.

Note: Depending on the connection of the device you want to connect, a 3.5 mm stereo audio cable or a red and white RCA-to-3.5 mm stereo cable is needed.

Connect your stereo input cable to the device

This is commonly the headphone jack on most portable devices. On other devices (i.e. TVs or CD changes), look for a pair of red and white jacks labeled "Line out" or "Audio out."

Connect the other end of the cable into the line input jack on the side of your SoundLink speaker

On the speaker, press the Line input button

On the connected device, set the volume to 90% and use the SoundLink speaker volume control to adjust the volume level

If a device is connected but not playing audio, the speaker will turn itself off after 30 minutes.

Using the USB input

Using the USB cable, connect your device to the micro-B USB connector on your

With the speaker turned on, press and release the Line input button until you hear “USB audio”

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