Assembling your headphones

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For this activity, it really pays to take your time, read the instructions carefully, and look closely at the illustrations. Pay close attention to the ‘R’ and ‘L’ labels on the various parts — if you get those mixed up then things won’t fit correctly.

Ear cushions: Make sure these are snapped all the way into the ear pucks. (There are six tabs on each cushion.) If you leave a gap where it’s not quite snapped into place, it won’t look as good, and it can also affect the audio performance

Yokes: When you attach the yokes to the headband spring, make sure to match the left yoke with the left ear puck

Ear pucks: If you’re having a hard time snapping the ear pucks into the yokes, check to make sure you’ve matched the left yoke with the left ear puck — otherwise they won't fit

Headband cushion: Start by opening the cushion all the way, and finding the letter ‘R’ on one of the flaps. Make sure to match that ‘R’ with the ‘R’ on the ear puck. When you fold the flaps over, fold the ‘R’ flap first, then the other flap. If you’re having trouble getting the fuzzy tabs to wrap all the way around, it’s likely that the tab is overlapping one of the yokes, or you’re wrapping it in the wrong direction

When you’re done, do a quick inspection to see if anything looks out of place. Make sure the cushion is centered, and the fuzzy tabs are wrapped tightly all the way around. Check the ear cushions and trim rings to make sure they’re fully seated.

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