Basic video settings

Applies to:

  • productshortname_dummy

These settings provide video presets for normal and dark ambient light conditions.

To adjust the video settings, follow these steps:

Turn the system on

on the remote, press source to display the "source" menu

use the up arrow and down arrow to highlight the source you want, and press ok to confirm your selection

Glide your thumb along the click pad to highlight "Options," and press down on the pad to make the selection

press the down arrow to highlight "video setting"

press the left arrow or right arrow on the navigation pad to select the desired setting:

  • normal: optimized for most viewing environments
  • dark room: optimizes the picture for low light environments by reducing the brightness setting by 4 increments and the monitor backlight setting by 3 increments

after you have made your adjustments, press ok to confirm and leave the options menu

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