Battery Troubleshooting

My battery seems to drain too quickly.

With most connected devices, the battery provides approximately 7 hours of talk or audio streaming time, or 100 hours of standby time, when fully charged (solid green light when connected to power). However, many applications and functions of today's smartphones generate tones and sounds to keep you alerted of activity on the device. When these sounds and tones are played through your headset, battery performance can be affected. Common phone sounds and notifications can include:

  • Lock/unlock sounds
  • Keyboard clicks
  • Text and email alert tones
  • Social media alert tones (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Game and application sounds and alert tones (Words with Friends, Angry Birds, etc.)

many users consider time when not in-call or actively streaming an audio source like music or videos as standby time only, which is incorrect.

one method to stop the streaming of these tones and sounds to the headset is to put the device's bluetooth® volume on "vibrate" or "silent" if available. this can stop the transmission of audio from the device to the headset. however, this includes intended audio as well (music, gps audio, etc.).

turning off the headset off while not in use will also add usage time. even if you’re connected but powered off, you will still have time to turn on the headset and pick up an incoming call.

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