Bluetooth® troubleshooting

there are two terms you'll hear when talking about bluetooth®: "pairing" and "connecting." "pairing" is the introduction of one device to another. once paired, they will stay in each other’s memory until manually erased. up to 6 devices can be paired simultaneously to the bose® bluetooth® headset. once a device is paired, the headset can then "connect" to that device to receive audio or voice from the device.

My headset will not pair with my device.

Be sure the headset is not charging. The headset will not pair to a device if it is plugged into the charger

make sure bluetooth® is turned on for your smartphone or mobile device

make sure the bluetooth® headset is in discoverable mode. if the blue led is not slowly blinking, press and hold the call button to put the headset into discoverable mode. see pairing the headset with your device if you need more help with this step


in your device's bluetooth® menu, select "scan for devices" or similar if you do not see "bose bt2" listed

My headset is already paired, but will not connect with my device.

be sure your bluetooth® headset is within the recommended 33-foot proximity of the paired device

make sure bluetooth® is turned on for your smartphone or mobile device

Go into the device's paired list and manually select the BT2

You may need to clear your paired list in your headset and re-pair your headset to your device

Note: This process will clear all devices paired with your headset, so they will each need to be re-paired before they can connect again.

To clear your paired list in your headset, follow these steps:

on the headset, press and hold the call and volume – buttons for 10 seconds


Volume –

The headset will revert to discoverable mode (slowly blinking blue LED), allowing you to re-pair the mobile phone you want connected

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