Cannot pair adapter with Bluetooth® device

if you are having difficulty pairing your bluetooth device with your bose® product, try these steps to resolve your issue:

  • Make sure the adapter is discoverable. Press the Bluetooth button on the adapter so the Bluetooth indicator begins slowly blinking blue
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON or enabled on the device you want to connect
  • Make sure “Bose Bluetooth adapter” is selected in your device's pairing list, and that your device confirms the connection
  • Your Bluetooth device may be out of range. Try moving it closer to the adapter
  • If possible, turn off all other nearby Bluetooth devices or disable their Bluetooth functionality
  • Make sure your Bluetooth device supports the A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) profile, which allows it to stream audio to the Bose adapter. Check the device's documentation to confirm
  • When connecting to a PC or Mac® computer, make sure to select the Bose Bluetooth adapter as the audio output device within the audio settings menu of the device. You may need to play an audio track to finalize the connection (see the device owner's guide or contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions)
  • If your device requires a passcode to connect via Bluetooth, make sure the passcode you entered is correct. If you never set a passcode, try entering "0000"
  • If the device was paired with the adapter in the past, clear the adapter from the list of previously paired devices in your device's Bluetooth settings
  • Try clearing the adapter's memory of previously paired devices by holding the Bluetooth button on the adapter for 10 seconds. The light on the adapter will flash white to confirm. All devices will need to be re-paired

for instructions on pairing a device, see pairing a bluetooth multimedia device.

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