Cannot connect my Bluetooth® device

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Having trouble getting connected? First, make sure no one else is connected to your headphones. If the BOSEbuild Listen app is running on another device, exit the app on that device. Once you’ve done that, try these:

Touch your iPhone/iPad to the right ear puck and hold it there until you see three Green signal bars. In the "Select An Accessory" dialog, tap your headphones. (Be patient, it may take a minute or two for your headphones to show up in the list.)

On your iPhone/iPad, open "Settings" and tap "Bluetooth". If your BOSEbuild Headphones are listed as "Not Connected" under “MY DEVICES,” tap the blue ‘i’ next to the headphone name and then choose “Forget This Device.” Your headphones should now appear under “OTHER DEVICES.” Select them. (Note: you may need to exit and then re-enter the Bluetooth Settings screen to refresh the OTHER DEVICES list.) When the connection is made, your headphones will be listed as Connected under “MY DEVICES.” After you’ve completed these steps, close this help screen

On the headphones, slide the Power/Bluetooth button forward to the symbol and hold it for 10 seconds, until you hear, “Bluetooth device list cleared.” Then, reconnect your headphones in the iPhone/iPad Bluetooth menu

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