Checking software version using the SoundTouch app

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The settings screen in the SoundTouch app contains information that may aid you in updating your software, adding the system to your network and generally maintaining your product.  

  1. On your computer, tablet or smartphone, launch the SoundTouch app
  2. Select Menu (≡) > Settings > About  
    On desktops and tablets, if the Menu icon (≡) is not visible, the slide out menu might already be open
  3. Select the name of the system whose settings you'd like to view
  4. Important system information will be displayed
  5. To view software information about the app itself, navigate back to the About screen and select the SoundTouch icon

For Lifestyle 135/235/525/535 systems:

Turn on the TV and select the TV video input that connects to the Lifestyle system

On the control console, press and hold Setup until the "System Information" screen displays

  • Line 2 will display the currently installed console software version
  • Line 5 will display the currently installed Acoustimass module software version
  • Line 10 will display the currently installed remote software version (press any button on the remote for version to appear)

For CineMate and SoundTouch home theater systems:

Turn on the console to any source

On the remote, press and hold the Red button for 4 seconds until the System Information screen displays

Press the Red button to cycle through the information

  • 1 CONSOLE: 2nd line: SW version
  • 2 ACOUSTIMASS MODULE: 2nd line: SW version
  • 3 SOUNDTOUCH (if connected): 1st line: SW version

To exit the System Information Screen, press Exit

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