Connecting to your mobile device

Downloading the Bose Sleep app

Download the required, free Bose Sleep app to control your sleepbuds, manage wake-up alarms, select masking sounds, and configure advanced settings.

Powering on

With the Bose logo facing you, slide the lid of the charging case away from you to open

Wait for the sleepbuds' charging lights to slowly blink white then remove them from the charging case

Connect your mobile device

With your sleepbuds removed from the charging case, open the Bose Sleep app and follow the app instructions.

Disconnect a mobile device

Android users: Use the Bose Sleep app to disconnect your device. You can also disable the Bluetooth feature on your device to disconnect. Disabling the Bluetooth feature on your device will also disconnect all other devices.

Apple users: On your device’s Bluetooth settings menu, forget the sleepbuds. Then, disable and re-enable the Bluetooth feature on your device to complete the disconnection.

Reconnect a mobile device

When the sleepbuds are removed from the case, the most recently connected device automatically reconnects with them.

NOTE: The device must be within range (30 ft or 9 m) with power and Bluetooth on.

Powering off

Place the sleepbuds in the charging case to power off. Wait for the sleepbuds' charging lights to slowly blink white, then close the case.

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