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Difficulty controlling SoundTouch systems with Amazon Alexa

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Alexa can control playback, volume and power on your SoundTouch systems, as well as provide help with commands and information about what's playing.

If you have difficulty with Alexa responding to a SoundTouch command:

Be sure to say "Ask Bose" before any command meant for your Bose product. For example, instead of saying, "Alexa, turn up the volume," say "Alexa, ask Bose to turn up the volume"

Try phrasing the command differently. Alexa can interpret phrases many ways, so try saying the command another way

If Alexa can't find your system, play something on that system without using Alexa (i.e., play something using the system buttons—for applicable systems—or using the SoundTouch app). This can help re-establish a connection

Use typical room names for your SoundTouch systems to help Alexa find them (i.e., use "Office," "Bedroom" or "Den" instead of "John's Office," "Bedroom3" or "ST300 Den"). Similarly, use typical spacing in names (i.e., "Master bedroom" instead of "Masterbedroom")

To rename a SoundTouch system, open the SoundTouch app and select Menu (≡) > Settings > Speaker Settings > [system name], then tap or click the "Speaker Name" field to edit the name

Alexa cannot control a SoundTouch music service (i.e., Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, etc.) with a Bose command. For example, "Alexa, ask Bose to play [an artist] on Spotify" will not work. Instead, open the SoundTouch app, navigate to Spotify and select the artist. To access this content with a voice command, save the content to a SoundTouch preset. You can then ask Alexa to play that preset

You can also ask Alexa for help with the type of SoundTouch commands you can say. To get help, say, "Alexa, ask Bose for help."

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