Entering channel numbers

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The number buttons along the top of the control frame appear for any source that uses a keypad on an infrared (IR) remote control. Although these buttons are used primarily for entering channel numbers for a set-top box, you can use them to select chapter numbers for a DVD player or track numbers for a CD player.

When you enter a number, it appears in a queue on the screen. The number of digits the queue can hold is set at the factory to a maximum of 3 digits. If your set-top box requires a different number of digits for channel numbers, you can change this in the Options menu. For example, if you need to enter channel numbers as high as 9999, you will need to change the number of digits to 4. If your set-top box only goes up to channel 99, you should set the number of digits to 2.

To enter a channel number, follow these steps:

using the click pad remote, select the first digit of the channel number. the channel number queue appears on the screen containing the first digit.

Select the remaining digits and add them to the queue.

after selecting the last digit, wait for the queue to shift the numbers to the left, indicating that they are being sent to the source.


press ok to send the numbers immediately