Headphone status indicators

Bluetooth® indicators

Each earbud has a Bluetooth indicator located on the inside surface.

Indicator activity System state
Blinking blue Ready to connect
Blinking white Connecting
Solid white


Note: Once connected, the Bluetooth indicators turn off after 10 seconds

Blinking green  Updating system software 
Solid or blinking red  Error: Contact Bose customer service

Headphone charging indicator

Indicator activity System state
Slow blinking white Charging
Solid white

Fully charged

Note: When fully charged, the charging indicators glow solid for a few seconds, then turn off. 

Fast blinking white Error: Contact Bose customer service

Charging case battery indicators

Indicator activity Charging percentage
○○○○ 0% – 20%
••○○○ 20% – 40%
•••○○ 40% – 60%
•••• 60% – 80%
••••• 80% – 100%
Charging error: Contact Bose customer service
Battery error: Contact Bose customer service

Note: When charging, the last lit battery indicator blinks white. When the charging case is fully charged, all battery indicators glow solid white.

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