Installing the Bluetooth® dock

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the bose® sounddock® 10 bluetooth® dock adds bluetooth® wireless technology capability to your sounddock 10 digital music system. after installing this accessory, you can listen to your stereo bluetooth® music phone with high quality, room-filling sound. to experience the intended performance, your stereo bluetooth® music phone must support the bluetooth® advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp). to install the bluetooth® dock, follow these steps:

Disconnect the SoundDock 10 system power cord from the AC outlet

Lift up the back edge of the universal dock adapter and remove it from the dock. You may need to insert a thin nonmetallic utensil into the slot to provide the required leverage to lift the back edge

Press the dock release button on the right and lift up the right side of the dock to remove it. There is a small indent on the button if you need to use a pen to press the button in far enough to fully release the dock

slide the left end of the bluetooth® dock (sold separately) into the dock opening

Press down on the right side of the dock until it locks in place

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