LED status information

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A/V control console power light

A/V monitor power light

Console LED AV Monitor LED Description
Off Off No power
Solid red Solid red System is off (standby)
Blinking green Blinking green Starting up
Solid green Off On and ready to use
Blinking red for 30 seconds after shutting system down Solid red Remote control batteries are low
Blinking amber for 30 seconds after shutting system down Solid red Unify® system setup was started, but is incomplete
Blinking amber Solid red System is off and device has been disconnected from the console
Solid red Alternating green/red System is shutting down in 10 seconds due to an error. If the problem persists, contact Bose. See the contact sheet included with your system.
Blinking green or solid green Blinking red Power removed from A/V monitor but not A/V control console
Solid green Solid green Video muted
Solid amber Solid red Off and charging iPod®
Blinking red Solid red Unify system setup is complete, but no sources are present
Solid green Solid red A/V monitor cable needs reseating or control console requires update