Making the paper speaker

Here are some tips for making the paper speaker inlcuded with your kit:

Try to be as accurate as you can when you’re cutting, folding, and taping the pieces into place. If pieces are not lined up correctly, it won’t sound as good

To minimize buzzes and rattles, make sure the coil is not rubbing against the magnet. It should be positioned around the magnet, not touching

If your speaker isn’t making any sound, double-check the position of the coil. It should be centered over the top of the magnet and free to move up and down

When the paper speaker is complete, you should hear a repeating chime sound

If you can hear the chime, but the app is not responding, try moving your iPhone or iPad closer to the paper speaker. If you’re in a noisy room, or a dishwasher or air conditioner is running, try moving someplace quieter

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