Managing Bluetooth® devices

Disconnecting a Bluetooth device

On the connected device, open the Bluetooth menu, select the Bose soundbar then select 'Disconnect.'

Do not select 'Forget device' or similar option unless you wish to completely remove the soundbar from your device's list of previously connected devices. 

Reconnecting a Bluetooth device

On the remote, press the Bluetooth button. The soundbar will attempt to connect with the most recently connected device. If the most recently connected device cannot be found within 30 seconds, the soundbar will then attempt to connect to the next most recently connected device. The soundbar remembers the last eight devices connected to it.

When attempting to reconnect to a device, be sure the device is on, its Bluetooth function is enabled, and it is within 30 feet (9 meters) of the soundbar.

You can also manage Bluetooth connections using the Bose Music app. 

Clearing the list of previously connected devices

On the remote, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds. The light bar will pulse Blue twice to indicate it has successfully cleared the list of Bluetooth devices that had been connected to the soundbar.

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