Navigating onscreen menus and guides

The following is a description of remote buttons that will operate your onscreen menus and guides. The menu and program selection buttons will control only one source at a time. Select the source you want to use first.

Note: If some navigation functions are not working for a particular source, try programming a different device code into the remote.

exit: exits onscreen menus and program guides

page up: skips ahead one page in an onscreen program guide

page down: skips back one page in an onscreen program guide

aspect ratio: switches between normal and widescreen picture

menu: displays the menu of the selected source

info: displays details of items in an electronic program guide

guide: displays an electronic program guide when available

navigation arrows: moves the selection highlight up, down, left, or right

ok: confirms a menu selection or skips to the next level of menu items

red, green, blue and yellow buttons: perform specific functions in the cbl-sat mode

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