No sound from connected device

Verify the Bluetooth®-enabled device is paired
A fast blinking White light means the Frames are connected.

On Android-based phones, be sure the Media audio option is enabled
Streaming audio can be disabled within an Android phone's Settings menu. This would prevent audio from playing even after pairing and connecting properly.

  1. Within the Settings menu of the phone, locate the Bluetooth menu that displays the list of paired "Bluetooth devices." The location of this setting varies by device. Bluetooth options are often found under the "Wireless & networks" Settings menu. The list of devices may be under a separate "Bluetooth settings" selection
  2. Under the "Bluetooth devices" list, press and hold the name of the Bose device until a pop-up menu appears
  3. In the pop-up menu, select "Options..."
  4. In the Options menu, be sure the Media setting is checked
  5. Press the phone's Home button to exit the setting menu

If audio does not play after enabling this setting, turn the Frames off and then back on. 

Verify the connected device is playing
The device may not be in a play mode or may be stopped or paused. Make sure numbers on the display are advancing or that there is some other indication the device is working.

Be sure the volume of the connected device is turned up
The volume level of the connected device should be set at its maximum output level. For details, refer to the owner's manual for the device.

Verify the app/program(s) audio output is set properly
On devices that run apps or programs like a computer or smartphone, there may be a specific setting that controls where audio is directed. Check the settings for the program/app and make sure the audio is directed to output via Bluetooth.

Clear the paired device list of both the Bose product and Bluetooth device
Clear the paired Bluetooth device memory from the the Bose product and Bluetooth device (or at least remove the Bose product from the device's memory). Once cleared, re-pair the Bose product to the device. This creates a new pairing in case the previous pairing became corrupt.

Move your device closer to the Frames and away from any interference or obstruction

Try using a different music source

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