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The options menu allows you to change source related and system settings. The items listed in the menu will vary according to the source you have selected. To select the options menu, follow these steps:

touch anywhere on the click pad to activate the control frame.

Select “Options” on the lower right side to display the menu.

using the up and down navigation buttons, highlight the option you want to change.

using the left and right navigation buttons, change the setting.

to exit the menu and save the changes, press the ok button, or select “exit” at the top or bottom of the list.

Available settings

the following describes the settings that are available for each option. the actual number of options appearing in the menu may differ for each source. the asterisk (*) indicates the factory setting.

exits the menu and returns to normal viewing. this function appears at the top and bottom of the menu.

program language
selects an alternate audio track, such as a secondary audio program (sap), when it is available.

  • track 1:* selects track 1
  • track 2: selects track 2
  • both tracks: selects tracks 1 and 2
  • not available: automatically selected when no alternate track is available

channel number
turns the channel number queue off, or specifies the maximum number of digits used for the source you have selected. the size of the queue should be set to hold the largest number used by the source.

  • 2 digits: number sent after 2 digits entered (00 to 99)
  • 3 digits:* number sent after 3 digits entered (000 to 999)
  • 4 digits: number sent after 4 digits entered (0000 to 9999)
  • off: each digit sent immediately when selected

motion smoothing
provides an adjustable control to insure a smooth and clear picture for sports and fast-moving action scenes.

  • none: no motion smoothing
  • low: minimal motion smoothing
  • default:* normal motion smoothing
  • high: maximum motion smoothing
    note: movies will appear to be more natural and lifelike when motion smoothing is on. however, you can set motion smoothing to "none" if you prefer to view films the way the director intended them to appear.

control frame sounds
provides audible feedback when you glide your thumb along the click pad or select a highlighted function.

  • on:* sound accompanies the movement of your thumb on the click pad
  • off: no click pad sounds

system bass
adjusts the bass compensation level from -14 to +14 (-9 to +6 if adaptiq® audio calibration has been performed)

system treble
adjusts the treble compensation level from -14 to +14 (-9 to +6 if adaptiq® audio calibration has been performed)

video settings
provides video presets for normal and dark ambient light conditions.

  • normal:* optimized for most lighting conditions
  • dark room: optimized for especially dark lighting conditions

restore original settings
returns the video settings to factory values.

automatic off
automatically turns the system off.

  • enabled:* the system turns off automatically after 4 hours of no remote control button pushes, or 20 minutes of no audio or video signal
  • disabled: no automatic off feature

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