Pairing a Bluetooth®-enabled device (Bluetooth models only)

in order for the bluetooth®-enabled device to operate with the bose® product, the device and the bose product need to be paired. follow the steps below to connect the two devices using bluetooth® technology.

Pairing the headset with a Bluetooth®-enabled phone.

turn the headset on by pressing the power button until the power led is green or amber. if the power led is red, battery power is very low and bluetooth® mode cannot be activated, as it is disabled to save battery life


Power LED

set the multifunction switch to the top or middle position—not in the bottom (off) position

Multifunction switch

press the bluetooth® function button once to activate bluetooth® technology. the bluetooth® led will start flashing twice for each one time the power led flashes

Bluetooth® function

Bluetooth® LED

put the headset in pairing mode by pressing and holding the bluetooth® function button on the control module for at least five seconds. the bluetooth® led will begin to flash slowly

on the phone, turn on the bluetooth® technology. this usually involves going to a "setup," "connect," "wireless" or "bluetooth®" menu

within the bluetooth® menu of the phone, enable the setting on the phone that allows it to "scan," "search," "discover" or "add" a bluetooth® device

The phone will discover the headset as "BOSE A20" and ask to confirm pairing with this device. Accept by pressing "Yes" or "OK" and confirm with the passkey/PIN of 0000 (four zeros), if needed

the bluetooth® led and power led will flash in synchronization to indicate that pairing is complete.

Reconnecting to a previously connected phone

set the multifunction switch to the top or middle position

briefly press the bluetooth® function button on the headset control module

Note: The headset automatically attempts to recover a lost connection for a period of five minutes after becoming disconnected from the phone.

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