Pairing a Bluetooth®-enabled device

Pairing the first device

Press Power to turn on the headset

Make sure the Bluetooth priority switch is in the MUTE or MIX position (not OFF)

The power indicator glows green or yellow, depending on the charge level of the battery. If the light is red, the battery is low and needs replacing.

Press and hold the Bluetooth button for one second. The Bluetooth indicator flashes purple to indicate the headset is in pairing mode

Note: The first time you turn on the headset, it will automatically go into pairing mode and the Bluetooth indicator will flash purple. This will only happen the first time you turn on the headset.

Locate the Bluetooth menu on your device and make sure the Bluetooth feature is on

Select the Bose headset from the Bluetooth device list

The Bluetooth indicator flashes blue while the devices are pairing, and a tone indicates successful connection.

Note: After five minutes of inactivity, the headset will automatically exit pairing mode and the Bluetooth indicator will turn off. To turn the Bluetooth feature back on, press the Bluetooth function button.

Switching between connected devices

The headset can connect to two Bluetooth devices at a time. Only one connected device can be heard at a time

To switch between two connected Bluetooth devices, pause audio on the first device and start audio on the other

To confirm connection, check the Bluetooth device list on your device

Note: Incoming and outgoing phone calls automatically mute all other secondary audio sources (when the secondary audio mode selector is in the MUTE or MIX position). During a Bluetooth phone call, the intercom and the phone call will be heard as mixed.

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