Pairing and connecting to a Mac® computer

To pair and connect to a Mac computer, follow these steps:

Make sure your MAC computer is not currently paired to any other Bluetooth® audio device(s). If the computer has a mac branded Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, they do not need to be disconnected. to clear previous paired devices on the mac, see removing paired devices on a mac

With the SoundLink® speaker turned on, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker for five seconds. The Bluetooth indicator will slowly fade on and off approximately once every second. The SoundLink® speaker will remain in this state for 20 minutes, or until a Bluetooth connection is made

With your Mac turned on, click the Apple® icon (menu) in the upper left corner of the screen

In the Apple menu, choose "System Preferences..."

Under the internet & wireless section, click on the Bluetooth icon

In the Bluetooth menu, search for for Bluetooth devices by clicking on the “set up new device” button, or the “+” button in the lower left corner of the screen

On the Bluetooth setup assistant screen, choose “Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker,” and then click "CONTINUE." If the computer asks for a pin use "0000"

After the pairing has completed successfully, click “Quit”

In the Bluetooth menu, click the “advanced…” button. If the Bluetooth menu screen is not already visible, follow steps 3 through 5

Depending on the OS version, select "Accept Incoming audio requests," or unselect "Reject incoming audio requests," and then click "OK"

In the Bluetooth menu, click the back button in the upper left corner. This will bring you back to the system preferences menu

Under the Hardware section, click on the "Sound" icon

In the Sound menu, click on the "Output" tab and choose "Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker" as your sound output device

Click the red button(x) in the upper left corner to close out of the Sound menu screen

Play an audio source (i.e. iTunes®) to finalize the Bluetooth connection. This step is especially important on OS 10.7.x an above

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