Pairing with a Bluetooth® device

Pairing occurs when two Bluetooth devices communicate with each other and establish a connection. A record of information about this connection is then stored in the memory of each device. Once you pair a device with the SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth speaker, you should not have to pair it again. The speaker can pair with up to six Bluetooth devices. However, it can only connect to, and play audio from one device at a time.

To pair with a Bluetooth device, follow these steps:

With the Bluetooth device and the SoundLink® Mini speaker both turned on, press Bluetooth on the speaker to make it discoverable. The Bluetooth indicator on the speaker blinks blue to show that it's discoverable


Set your Bluetooth device to "Discoverable." This will allow your device to discover the SoundLink® Mini speaker

Locate the Bluetooth device list in the user interface of your device. Select "Bose Mini SoundLink" from the list

If your Bluetooth device prompts you for a passcode, enter digits 0000 (four zeros) and press "OK." Some devices also ask you to accept the connection.

The speaker indicates pairing is complete when you hear an audible tone and the Bluetooth indicator turns solid white

To connect to a previously paired device, follow these steps:

On the speaker, press POWER to turn it on. The Bluetooth indicator flashes white


On your mobile device, turn Bluetooth on if it is not already on. The speaker indicates pairing is complete when you hear an audible tone and the Bluetooth indicator remains solid white

Note: if the speaker is in discoverable mode (blinking blue), and you want to go back into connecting mode, press Bluetooth. The indicator blinks white and the Bose® SoundLink® Mini speaker goes into connecting mode.


Speaker memory

The Bose® SoundLink® Mini speaker memory can hold up to six paired devices. When the memory is full and an additional device is paired, the least recently used device is deleted from memory and replaced by the newly paired device.

To clear the memory of all devices, press and hold Bluetooth for about 10 seconds until you hear a tone. All Bluetooth devices are cleared from the speaker, and the Bose® SoundLink® Mini speaker becomes discoverable.


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