Playing a CD

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To play an audio CD, follow these steps:

  • On the music center, push the front latch inward to open the lid
  • Place a CD, label side up, in the disc tray
  • Close the lid
  • Press CD Play to select the source. This will turn the system on if it was off. The CD will begin to play

Remote functions to operate a CD

play/pause: press once to play a cd. press again to pause the cd. press to resume play.

skip back/forward: press to move forward to the next track,
and back to the previous track.

set: stores a track to memory.

stop: press to stop an audio cd. this returns the cd to the

fast forward/fast rewind: searches forward and reverse
quickly, with sound.

check: dsiplays the programmed track in sequence.

random: plays all tracks on the disc in random order.


repeat d: repeats an entire cd.

repeat t: repeats a single track.

clear: deletes a programmed track.

intro: automatically plays the first 10 seconds of each track on a disc in sequence.

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