Sending Bluetooth audio to multiple SoundTouch systems

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A SoundTouch system with Bluetooth can send the sound it's playing from a connected Bluetooth device to the other SoundTouch systems on your network -- even if those other systems don't support Bluetooth

Before you begin:

Be sure you have a SoundTouch system that supports Bluetooth. If you aren't sure, see SoundTouch systems with Bluetooth connectivity

To rebroadcast Bluetooth audio to multiple systems:

  1. Pair your Bluetooth device to your SoundTouch system. For help, see Pairing a Bluetooth enabled device using the SoundTouch app
  2. At the bottom of the app, tap or click the system name to open the system controls
  3. Swipe the system icons left or right to find your SoundTouch system with Bluetooth
  4. Below the volume slider, select the "+" sign to the right of the desired system names that you want to hear, or choose "PLAY ALL" to hear all systems

Tips for managing grouped systems

  • You can add as many systems as you have on your network to a group, or you can quickly add all systems by selecting "PLAY ALL" 
  • Remove a system from a group by clicking or tapping a system the "X" next to that system's name
  • Each grouped SoundTouch system has its own volume control. There is a master volume below the systems to raise or lower the volume of all systems in the group, keeping their relative volume to each other
  • Bluetooth has a range of about 30 feet, which can be reduced by interference, like walls or doors. While streaming Bluetooth, keep the Bluetooth device within 30 feet of the host to maintain the device's Bluetooth connection

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