Setting image view

This feature works much like aspect ratio control in that it will modify the picture by stretching it, zooming it or adding vertical gray bars. Image view was designed into the Bose® system because most TVs disable their own aspect ratio controls when viewing an HD signal over HDMI®.

To change the image view setting, follow these steps:

Turn the TV on and select the TV video input that connects to the Lifestyle® system

on the remote, press source, and then use the up arrow or down arrow to select the source you want to adjust. press ok to confirm

press image view to show all available video formats

press image view repeatedly to toggle between the different options

normal: leaves original video image unchanged.

auto-wide: fills width of the screen without cropping any content.

stretch 1: stretches video image evenly from the center.

stretch 2: stretches the edges of the video image much more than the center portion of the image.

zoom: enlarges the video image (press the up/down navigation buttons to vertically offset the image on your screen).

gray bars: places vertical gray bars on the left and right of a standard definition video image.

fit: fits the video image to your screen.

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