Setting the alarms

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To set alarm 1 or alarm 2, follow these steps:

on the system, press the alarm setup button. "alarm 1" will begin to flash on the display. to set alarm 2, press the alarm setup button again and "alarm 2" will flash

Note: All changes to alarm setting must be done while either "Alarm" symbol is flashing. After 10 seconds of inactivity, "Alarm" will stop flashing, and all user changes will be stored.

press either the time< or time> button to set the alarm time. if the button is held down, the time displayed begins to change slowly then increases in speed

When the desired time is reached, release the time buttons. Once "Alarm" stops flashing, the alarm will be set

To turn the alarm on or off:

  • press the alarm 1 on/off button to turn alarm 1 on or off
  • press the alarm 2 on/off button to turn alarm 2 on or off

To change the alarm sound, follow these steps:

press and release the alarm setup button. "alarm 1" flashes. to change the alarm 2 sound, press the alarm setup button again and "alarm 2" will flash

while "alarm" is flashing, press the desired source button (cd play, fm, am) to set the alarm to wake to that source

to add the alarm tone in addition to the selected source, press the cd stop button to toggle the "tone" symbol on or off

Adjust the volume to the level desired at wake-up time, from 10 to 99

to remove the selected source from the alarm and set the alarm to tone only, press the button of the source shown in the display. for example, if "fm" is showing, press the fm button again

When the desired settings are reached, release all buttons. Once "Alarm" stops flashing, the alarm will be set

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