Adjusting sound direction (Directivity settings)

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The microphones within the earbuds can be configured with three levels of sound direction: Focused, Front and Everywhere.

To adjust the Directivity settings using the Bose Hear app:

Open the Bose Hear app and connect your Hearphones with your device.

Tap on the Directivity setting for more options (center icon).

Select one of the following Directivity settings in the Bose Hear app based on your situation:

  • FOCUSED: Select "Focused" if you want to hear what’s directly in front of you, such as a focused one-on-one conversation across a table in a noisy environment
  • FRONT: Select "FRONT" to concentrate on a conversation with people in front of you (left, center and right) and reduce noise from behind
  • EVERYWHERE: Select "EVERYWHERE" when it's important to hear sounds from all directions, such as crossing the street or when you're watching TV and listening to music

To adjust the Directivity Modes using the headset controls, press the World Volume buttons simultaneously to focus on sounds coming from different areas in your environment.

  • FOCUSED: Press World Volume buttons simultaneously until you hear a high-frequency tone
  • FRONT: Press World Volume buttons simultaneously until you hear a medium-frequency tone
  • EVERYWHERE: Press World Volume buttons simultaneously until you hear a low-frequency tone

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