Sound troubleshooting

My iPhone®/iPod® is playing but there is no audio coming through my system.

  • If you’ve just completed an operating system update on your iPod or iPhone, you may need to wait several minutes before using it with your SoundDock system. In some cases, even though you’ve completed the operating system update, some of the apps on your Apple® device may require additional time to finish updating. Undock your Apple device from the SoundDock system for several minutes, then re-dock it. Make sure it’s properly seated on the connector
  • If your iPod or iPhone is in a case or protective sleeve, it may not seat properly on the connector. Removing the case or sleeve will allow the device to fit properly on the lightning connector
  • Try resetting the iPod or iPhone. The device may have malfunctioned and might need to be reset. Refer to Apple support for further assistance
  • Move the system to another wall outlet. The wall outlet you’re using may be the source of the problem
  • Reset your SoundDock system. Turn the system off and unplug it from power for 60 seconds. Once you have reconnected the system to power, try your iPod or iPhone again

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