SoundTouch 10 and Amazon Echo Dot Setup

Install the SoundTouch 10

Plug in and power on your SoundTouch 10 speaker

Download the Bose SoundTouch app onto your mobile device

Follow the in-app instructions to complete setup

Important: During setup, an important update automatically begins to install on your SoundTouch10. Let this update fully install to ensure optimal performance of your SoundTouch 10 with the Echo Dot.

Install the Echo Dot

Note: Place your Echo Dot no closer than 3 ft. from your SoundTouch 10 speaker for optimal performance. 

  1. Plug in the Echo Dot
  2. Download the Alexa app onto your mobile device:
  3. Follow the in-app instructions to complete setup

Connect your SoundTouch 10 to the Echo Dot

  1. On the SoundTouch 10 button pad, press and release the Bluetooth|AUX button once. The Bluetooth indicator blinks blue
  2. In the Alexa app, select Settings and then select your Echo Dot
  3. Select Bluetooth > Pair a New Device
  4. Select your SoundTouch 10 speaker from the device list. The Echo Dot and the SoundTouch 10 speaker connect.

Reconnection methods

If you use other features of the SoundTouch 10, and your Echo Dot becomes disconnected, reestablish the Bluetooth connection by saying "Alexa Connect."

Note: If you directly connect a mobile device to the SoundTouch 10, you’ll need to disconnect this device before you can reestablish the Bluetooth connection with the Echo Dot. To do this, press and release the Bluetooth|AUX button. When the Bluetooth indicator blinks blue, say "Alexa Connect."

For additional help, visit the Amazon Echo Dot support page.

Meet Alexa

You can now enjoy all the capabilities of Alexa paired with Bose premium sound. To get started using Alexa, visit the Amazon “Things to Try with Alexa” support page.

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