SoundTouch system name not displaying in AirPlay device list

Before you begin

AirPlay is not supported by all SoundTouch systems. Be sure you have one of the following systems that support either AirPlay 1 or AirPlay 2:

Systems with AirPlay 1

  • SoundTouch 20
  • SoundTouch 20 II
  • SoundTouch 30
  • SoundTouch 30 II
  • SoundTouch Portable
  • SoundTouch Portable II
  • SoundTouch SA-4 amplifier
  • SoundTouch Stereo JC
  • SoundTouch Stereo JC II
  • Wave SoundTouch music system

Systems with AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 is available with iTunes 12.8 or later, macOS Catalina or later, and with Apple iOS 11.4 or later for mobile, TV, or HomePod devices.

  • Lifestyle 550
  • Lifestyle 600
  • Lifestyle 650
  • SoundTouch 10
  • SoundTouch 20 III
  • SoundTouch 30 III
  • SoundTouch 300
  • SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier
  • SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter
  • Wave SoundTouch music system IV

Difficulty selecting your SoundTouch system on an AirPlay device

In the SoundTouch app, go to "Menu > Settings > Speaker Settings." If "UPDATE SOFTWARE" or "UPDATE ALL" appears, tap it to install system updates

If you have an AirPlay 1 SoundTouch system listed above, enable AirPlay Optimization in the SoundTouch app:

  1. In the SoundTouch app, select the menu icon (≡) in the upper-left corner
  2. Select "Settings > Speaker Settings" and select your SoundTouch system with AirPlay
  3. From the Speaker Details screen, select "Advanced Setup"
  4. Set the AirPlay Optimization toggle to the right to enable it (Note: Your system might not respond for about a minute while the change takes effect)

If you have both AirPlay 1 and AirPlay 2 speakers, note the following when playing from an iOS device:

  • iOS devices cannot stream to both AirPlay 1 and AirPlay 2 speakers simultaneously
  • You can either stream to one AirPlay 1-compatible speaker or you can stream to one or more AirPlay 2-compatible speakers

Be sure both the AirPlay device and the SoundTouch system are connected to the same network. They cannot work together on different networks. (Note: A guest network is considered a different network, even if it’s transmitted by the same router or access point)

Be sure VPN, remote desktop, or other virtual software is not in use

Check that both the AirPlay device and the SoundTouch system are within range of the wireless router. The SoundTouch system’s Wi-Fi® indicator glows solid white with a successful network connection. If the system or AirPlay device is not connected or has poor connectivity to the network, move it closer to the router (Note: The distance between system and device is not important. They must both be in range of the router)

Check that the date on the AirPlay device is set correctly

On the AirPlay device, quit the music app and/or iTunes, wait 10 seconds, then reopen the app and try again

On the AirPlay device, turn Wi-Fi off and back on

Reboot the AirPlay device by powering it off and back on again

Reboot your router by disconnecting it from power for 30 seconds

Reset your SoundTouch system by disconnecting the power cord for 30 seconds. For SoundTouch Portable systems, hold the AUX button for about 15 seconds until the display turns off

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